EDINBURG - Hundreds of jobs are coming to Edinburg in the form of a new call center, according to Edinburg Economic Development.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission will soon be announcing that 400 jobs will be created in the city through a contract with Maximus Inc., which will seek to hire staff to handle medicaid calls, medicare and social service issues, according to the EDC.

TDSHS is currently putting $4 million into renovating a former electronics building in southeast Edinburg, according to EDC. Plans call for the facility, located on Iowa Road, to be operational by Aug. 1.

For the past three decades, Maximus has partnered with state, federal, and local governments to provide health and human service programs to a diverse array of communities, according to the company website. The company employs a staff of over 6,500 in order to "develop cost-effective health and human service programs tailored to communities' unique needs."

"I can't mention the amount yet publicly, because it hasn't been approved, but we're considering assisting them with some site improvements, which is for parking and entrance improvements," said Pedro Salazar. Plans to enter into a development agreement with Maximus were listed in executive session during the EDC Board of Directors regular meeting, which took place on Tuesday, after the Edinburg Review deadline.

The contract with Maximus, as well as the potential economic impact in Edinburg, wasn't available as of Monday.

"Actually it was the bank that asked for our participation, but we're actually providing the assistance to the company," Salazar said. "It's actually very minimal compared to the number of jobs and economic impact."

The issue of bringing the call center to Edinburg began when Rep. Aaron Peņa, R-Edinburg, suggested it to Texas Gov. Rick Perry in January.

Peņa said he had previously held off from making a formal announcement because of the sensitivity of budget negotiations at the time.

"The governor has gone the extra step to try to bring businesses to the Valley," Peņa told the Edinburg Review recently at a Hispanic Leaders Conference held in his honor. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot was the keynote speaker at that event, which was held at Cimmaron Country Club on June 17.

"A call center was coming up. I had just changed parties and he (Perry) suggested that this business locate here," Peņa said "It is coming to Edinburg. I am working to build a strong relationship between him (Perry) and this community."