The Pharr- San Juan- Alamo ISD, together with the two alternative programs of Teenage Parenting Program (TAPP) and PSJA Options High School, cordially invites you to our annual Fashion Show March 25.

Both of our schools have students with goals that weren’t able to be fulfilled on their time due to unexpected difficulties. Our TAPP students are teenage girls who are parents with children. Hence young girls would like to make a positive change for their kids and have been accomplishing it by coming back to school and getting their diploma. 

Our Options High School serves the community of PSJA with students that are at high risk of dropping out of school.

Our students recognize that they have made bad decision and some of which have been costly ones. In spite of it all, they understand that they continue with their life and do the best out of their situation. The PSJA 21st century program offers these students another opportunity to accomplish some of their goals. We are asking the community and our surrounding businesses to help us with our students. With your help, we can continue fulfilling our students’ dreams.

Please help us out with your support to our community of Pharr San Juan, y Alamo. Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow.

The purpose of organizing a fashion show is to enhance the student’s ability to develop better listening and comprehension skills.  Students have brainstormed, created visual representations, and analyzed the processes of organizing an event. The objective of the project is to heighten the students’ awareness concerning expectations for the professional, casual and formal attire. Students have also been exposed to the business community for any future employment in the fashion and merchandise industry. Students will acquire enhanced vocabulary that will enable them to communicate in a professional matter to local businesses.

Be part of this exciting event! There will be refreshments and Hors d’oeuvre. Come and Join us on Friday, March 25, 6 to 8 p.m., San Juan Middle School Auditorium (1229 S. "I" Rd., San Juan 78589).