DONNA Victoria Palms recently hosted the first trade show for Activity Directors held by Welcome Home RGV. Their ballroom was abuzz with folk from all over the Valley checking out everything from cruises around Brownsville, dolphin watches, Killer Bee Hockey and pirate ship rides to tasting the food of the Valley, Valley museums to having an early margarita, learning about local hospitals, emergency air helicopters and fitness clubs.

As usual the Winter Texans showed up early, filling the hall, greeting old friends, gathering information and in general, having a grand ole' time. A style show paraded fashions of the Valley to give the WT's a colorful idea of where to get their next fashionista purchases.

Country music played in the background, bellies filled up, and the Activity Directors left with heads full of ideas for their parks to have fun, fun, fun this season. Ahh, it's good to have our Winter Texans back home again!