Working in journalism sometimes gives me the opportunity to experience or have access to things that I normally might not. In my time with this paper, I have met a famous country music star and politicians, and have flown in a stunt plane.

It is one of the perks that comes with this job. That said, even I have my limits of what I will willingly do for the job.

Last week, I was talking with my editor about stories that were coming up this week. While several of them were pretty standard, one of the standouts was training for a professional jump team that would be taking place over the week at North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field.

As I mentioned that there will be active jumps going on as part of the training, there was a brief moment of silence where I could practically hear his thoughts. Before he had the chance to say it, I piped in.

“No, I won’t be jumping out of an airplane.”

He never said that he would want me to, and later said he didn’t want that, and it was never confirmed with the jump team that this was even a possibility. However, I felt the need to be transparent about my own expectations, namely staying on terra firma, for this story.

This played back to another story that I did last year for the National Aerobatic Championships. With those championships, we were given the opportunity to fly in one of the aircraft with one of the pilots prior to the contest.

Almost immediately, I was chosen by the newsroom to be the one taking the trip, primarily out of willingness and being the right size (short).

Even with that story, I felt a little out of my comfort zone, but not overly so. I threw in the towel after just one set of stunts, but I still took pride in it and considered it an accomplishment. With this, however I think I am more comfortable seated firmly where I am.

I am reminded of one of George Carlin’s classic stand up acts about airplanes. Like him, I am much more comfortable in the plane than out of it.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Alfredo Hun, Mary Medlin and Michael Hutchins, all of Sherman; Craig White and Bill Brown, both of Denison; Jack Portman of Bells; Alicia Eli of Van Alstyne; Demia Ann Hershman of Wylie; Patty Gayaso; and Ronnie Gaines of Allen.