It’s been nigh on to ten years since I wrote anything for the Herald Democrat, and now, like the proverbial bad penny, I’ve turned up again. A lot of things and people have changed since I left the paper in 2009 to take up residence at Texoma Living! magazine, and a lot more has changed since that august publication bit the dust. Now for better or for worse, I’m back in the saddle.

It’s sort of like coming home, and that’s nice, even though the home has a new look and new neighbors at the desks on all sides in the new newsroom. I presume some of the same readers are out there still and will be willing to peruse my offerings on occasion, and that a new audience will bear with me while I get back in the rhythm of a great metropolitan newspaper — no, that was the Daily Planet. But you get my drift.

I don’t know all I’ll be doing, but it will include feature writing around the Best of Texoma brand and winners. If you have ideas or suggestions let me know (

For the record, among the things I still like are barbecue, chicken-fried steak, the Cowboys (most of the time), the Longhorns, the ins and outs of the English language, old movies, used bookstores, big band swing and cowboy music. I still don’t like the designated hitter, aluminum baseball bats, eateries that charge for water, people who try to get a basket of groceries through the “15 or less” checkout lines, and music that drowns out efforts at conversation anywhere.

Rest assured, I will continue to stand for truth, justice, Magna Carta, the Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819, Mr. Tutt, Robert Benchley, and Honey Crisp apples. Have you tried them? They’re really good.

Happy birthday Friday to Lyndon Trotter, Kathy Spears, Adler Berkey, Jan Hagy, Glenna Perrin, and Marcus Jackson Jr., all of Sherman; Dylan Hamner of Allen; Naysia Taylor of Denison; King White of Spring; and Daryl Talbot of Shawnee Okla.