BROWNSVILLE She was frankly surprised that anyone made the long trip south to see the East-West All-Star Game, since it was a near-summer Thursday and the Brownsville Sports Park is out in the middle of double-nowhere.

But Katy Lipscombs like that, never concerned with statistics or media coverage, simply content to let her natural competitive instinct take over when its time to play. And for the North senior, there has been ample opportunity to let it all hang out the last three years.

As a member of the West squad, Lipscomb went through her usual, intense warm-ups in preparation for one last high school game, and when it started, she was her normal aggressive self, ranging with great speed, forcing with power belying her slight frame, and contributing with passes and re-directs, just like she did for three stellar years with the Lady Cougars.

Lipscomb has been one of the best the city ever produced, and will continue her career in the fall at Trinity University in San Antonio, majoring in chemistry. She got feelers from some of the best schools in the country, like Notre Dame and Boston College and now joins a top-notch Trinity team that offered her a chance to play right away.

Its definitely a step up in competition level, but I think Im ready for it, said Lipscomb, a two-time All-Valley pick and area MVP as a junior. I have done about everything I wanted to do in high school so now its time to go up to college and see what I can do. Trinity plays a lot of the top schools in the country and I am looking forward to the opportunity to play against the best.

Against the best the area has to offer in high school talent, Lipscomb was in the middle of the action July 21 after entering the game midway through the first half. Her West team dominated the Lower Valley East, getting a 1-0 win but threatening a dozen times. She put in a goal, something she did over 50 times as a three-time all-star for North, but it was denied by an offside call.

Like any forward, I never think Im offside, right? she quipped. Later, Lipscomb had gotten close on a slow rolling ball in deep, and expects to be able to do the same thing at Trinity.

Am I nervous? A little, but mainly excited, there are so many new things coming up, and its the perfect time for me, she said. High school has been great and all, but I want to see what else there is. I definitely think I can compete at the next level.

Lipscomb closes her city career after helping the Lady Cougars to three straight playoff trips, and a total of six postseason wins in that span. But the speedy forward almost didnt make it into blue and gold.

I was zoned to Bobcats, she admitted, adding that the strong Advanced Placement program at North made the decision to leave EHS for her. I didnt play on the varsity as a freshman because Id moved, but I got up there as soon as I could.

Now its another challenge for Lipscomb, who was asked how many times she made All-District at North.

You know, I dont even keep up with stuff like that, she laughed. Its all about the game to me, not about what you get. I mean, you can hate to play the game and win awards, and its meaningless. You have to enjoy the competition, want to excel. Do you enjoy it? Do you love the game? Thats what matters to me.