One has to hand it to Stevie Guerrero; the dude is a team player who knows what to say when the time comes. And the best thing is, he isn’t making it up; he speaks the truth, from the heart.

For instance, the senior passer would love to throw the ball more in 2010; he asks what quarterback wouldn’t want to put it up. But he also had a ready rejoinder for those who might want the Bobcats to throw caution to the wind along with the ball this season.

“First thing first, what coach says, we do, period,” said the exciting signal-caller by phone from San Antonio where he was competing in a basketball tournament over the weekend. “And people can’t argue with results, I mean last year we went to the second round of the playoffs.”

When reminded that the supposedly ground-dominant ‘Cats actually picked up nearly as many yards passing as running in 2009, “Ol Blue Eyes” sighed.

“Exactly, so whatever we do, I think we’ll be balanced,” he said.

This despite the summer 7-on-7 team’s promising performance in College Station two weeks ago. Somewhat mirroring the fall team’s rise out of obscurity to make the postseason, the non-pads group opened a lot of eyes upstate.

“They were asking if we were there to play soccer, it was kind of bad,” he said, after the Bobcats won four of six games and lost out on a three-way tie for the shot at advancing to the championship round. “But we surprised a lot of folks up there, they were saying, ‘Who are these guys?’ about us. It was cool.”

Guerrero says that passing all the time is not going to win games, and he reiterated that he’s ready to run, pass or whatever.

“There has to be balance, that’s for sure,” he commented. “Last year we didn’t throw it all that much but when we did, we gained a lot of yards, including after the catch. I think we can do the same thing this year.”

One thing is for sure, the mobile and elusive senior will get ample opportunity to roll out of the pocket and make it happen with his big-play ability.

“Coach knows that I am comfortable as a drop-back passer, I can do that,” he noted. “But on the roll I am equally comfortable and it gives me more options to make yards. Bottom line, I have always been a team player and that means that whatever’s called, we’ll go with it and do the best we can.

“Everyone is fired up for the start of football, people are asking us if we are going to get it on with North and the Jags, they’re already excited, and so are the players. I know we can do again what we did last year, this is going to be a really fun season.”