One look at Stevie Guerrero and one sees a winner, from his wide, infectious smile to his bouncy, jangly way of cruising around, having fun in seemingly the most mundane of situations. Watching the EHS multi-sport star clean up the gym after working the summer leagues last week, it was apparent that anything this kid touches, turns to gold. He’s special.

Take the 7-on-7 deal, for example. Most observers tend to surmise that with heavy graduation losses on the O-line and at receiver, the Bobcats are going to be pass-challenged in 2010. But “Ol’ Blue Eyes” is doing his dead-level best to discourage such notions, and leading the summer football team to the state tournament in College Station is part of that drill. The Bobcat 7 will face off against the Lone Star elites in July, and word to the wise, watch out for John Gonzalez in the fall. He can jump and catch, can this former hoopster, and the WR position is open all the way.


With the coming of the heat, a gift from El Nino - which will probably yield a reasonably major hurricane one imagines - arrives the independent pro baseball schedule once again. So far, the Roadrunners are drawing well, better than last year, and the support staff is doing a whale of a job.

Former UTPA javelin ace Rachel Reida is spearheading the charge over at Edinburg Baseball Stadium and she is indefatigable. The promotions are sharp, there are new Diamond Doll dancers (more country music, please), and manager Vince Moore has assembled a formidable group that looks like a playoff contender.

The only thing missing is you. The attendance figures are still a far cry from those of the original ‘Runners, though the turnstiles are clicking along at a decent rate. Far from being a shameless shill for the franchise, let me still advise the city sports community that their fannies in seats would be appreciated.

Not only are there a number of local stars to be seen in uniform (even without Gonzo, boo), but healthy action at the Stadium tends to increase civic pride and, tangentially, city coffers. Get out to the ballpark this summer, folks. It’s a pretty decent lick all the way around.


What are you up to June 18? No plans? I got one for you. The Rio Grande Valley Sports Hall of Fame will hold its annual induction banquet in Donna for the seven newest members of that august body of sports greats. This year’s class includes Otto Moore, Mo Molina, and Louie Alamia.

Moore is still impossibly long and limber, you will recall him as one of the great Bronc ballers of all time and subsequently a steady hand in the post for five NBA teams. Molina is an EHS ex who became one of the Valley’s best high school basketball mentors, a truly nice guy with a lot to offer his kids. And finally Alamia, a steadfast presence on the local scene for decades and one of the most dignified and refined gentlemen to come down the pike in ages. He could also run like the wind.

The Hall banquets are outstanding affairs, with memories to share and rows of familiar faces to meet and re-greet. Definitely worth the price of admission.


And finally, from our department of Mild to Moderate Controversy: Let it be said from this corner that no one was more disappointed in the way the All-Sports Award fiasco went down recently. And I am standing up in the front of the class to take the ruler raps for that, make no mistake.

It’s like calling your wife “Nancy” when her name is “Agnes.” Or realizing a step too late that what the dog left behind, you have stumbled into. So, we live and learn, and move onward through the fog.

The probable upshot of the caper, after the hackles settle back down and the summer steam helps to chip away at lingering hard feelings: doesn’t it just make the Rivalry Games even more compelling, important, exciting? See, always look on the bright side, says he, with a sheepish grin.

Look at it from a historical perspective…some day that issue of the Review will be like the 1948 Chicago Tribune headline that screamed out “Dewey Defeats Truman!” That snafu worked out exceedingly well for the slighted party, the chronicle suggests.