The greatest week in golf is now over.  The most perfect golf course in the entire world hosted its annual first major of the year.  This year the Masters Tournament didn't disappoint any of its viewers.  Char Schwartzel from South Africa won the 2011 Masters Golf Tournament played at the Augusta National Golf Club. 

This was Schwartzel's first major title and his first win the United States.  He does have seven wins on the European tour.  With his win he is expected to move from 29th in the world rankings to 9th.  Schwartzel started the day 4 shots behind 3rd round leader Rory Mcilory.  Mcilory faltered and shot a final round 80 to finish well back. 

Another group that understands what it is like to play like Mcilory is the UTPA Women’s Golf Team.  Two weeks ago they competed up in Hot Springs, Ark. They finished dead last, 19th out of 19 teams.  The majority of teams that played better than the Lady Brcons golf teams were teams which were snow bound or are still finishing winter which means that they flew down to Arkansas to compete without having been able to play or practice outside on a golf course until they arrived one day before the start of the event.

Last week I played Palm View Golf course for the first time.  It was a nice round, however playing in 30 mph -plus winds wasn't much fun.  One thing I noticed was how north and south the golf course holes run as the holes were either into the wind or with the wind.  Going with the wind made a huge difference.  The 18th hole is a Par 5 with the wind helping.  I hit a drive and a 7-Iron from 200 yards out.  Then, on the 10th hole which is a short par 4 into the wind I also hit a drive and a 7-iron from 130 yards. 

The tip of the week comes to us courtesy of fellow PGA Instructional Professional Travis Fulton. You may have noticed before every shot how Charl took two practice swings before he started to establish his alignment and body position over the ball. These practice swings were not just movements that were aimlessly being maneuvered but rather they were swings that appeared to be very calculated and had a specific purpose. In fact, each practice swing almost appeared to have two steps to it where he would first start very slow half way back and then secondly, work it up to the top of the swing.  Chances are we have all heard from time to time the importance of a pre-shot routine as a good routine has so much to offer in pursuit of overcoming these barriers on the golf course. For so many professionals, the practice swing is a very important aspect of their routine because it is at this moment where they can take that one thing -- or maybe two -- that they have been working on at the practice facility and implement it into their procedures on the golf course. Like Tiger, this week with Schwartzel we were treated to another very detailed approach to a practice swing that really set the stage before every shot. You could see the importance to Charl on moving the club and body in a certain way through both steps that not only confirmed these thoughts but helped him transition these same feelings to execute over the ball. Each time coming down the stretch, it was like clockwork as he just continued to build confidence with each routine and actual shot. 

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