Say what one will about the world of pageants, but the bottom line is, it takes a

ton of work to compete in them. This knowledge was gained by a handful of city athletes

who took part in the Miss Edinburg Pageant over the weekend.

Pulling double duty with beauty work away from the various sports fields were

Briana Detwiler, Amy Avila, Dre Atkins, and Brittney Arguelles. Former North soccer

player Yoli Ordonez also competed.

Detwiler, a junior at EHS, has always been among the most versatile and active

of kids, but she learned that when it comes to pageants, one takes the commitment to

another level.

I am kind of relieved its over because there was a lot of stress, said the 16-

year-old volleyball and soccer letterman, who is originally from Virginia. It took so

much time to prepare for, all summer, and really, the hardest part was trying to shop for

shoes and dresses. We changed hair and makeup like 50 million times. But in the end, I

think it was worth it.

How does one decide to throw a hat into the ring to try and become Miss

Edinburg? A friend suggested Detwiler for the role and she then spent the summer

preparing, learning the intricacies of the craft. The pageant finale was Saturday night at

the Edinburg City Auditorium and though Detwiler did not win, she is happy to have had

the opportunity.

I think I did pretty good, it was a nice experience to have, said the leggy junior

at EHS, who is the daughter of long-time Bobcat trainer Susan Detwiler. I figured, why

not do it? I am glad I did, but it sure conflicted with my sports.

At one point late on the summer, Detwiler would come to school at 5:30 a.m. to

practice volleyball, leave at 1:30 to go to Miss Edinburg preps, and be back on campus in

the afternoon to help her mom with football workouts. She has been a constant with the

football program since beginning high school.

I give props to the people who compete in pageants, she explained. It isnt

easy at all, there are so many details to take care ofand walking around in heels all day

is not that fun!

Detwiler has another year to go at EHS and after that, will probably attend

UTPA, where she is going to take concurrent enrollment classes from here on out until

graduation. In the meantime its back to volleyball, and shes itching to return to the mix.

The worst part was that I had to miss a whole tournament this weekend, but

thats the way it goes, she lamented. There is only so much time in the day. I might do

this again next year, not sure. I have thought of modeling some time down the line, too.