She characterizes the inner circle of the EHS Booster Club as “four phenomenal women who won’t take no for an answer,” and with that witty rejoinder, Terry Escobar and the gals are more than ready for the 2009 football season.

Escobar (Bobcat Class of 1987) is the mother of senior EHS quarterback Isaac Escobar, and vice president of the revamped organization says that she wishes she’d gotten involved long before this year.

“But now we’re pumped and ready to go,” she promised, noting that the club has engineered a number of innovations in time for the season, which starts in September. “Our main goal was to get the tunnel and last week at Meet the Bobcats the kids got to see their tunnel for the first time.”

Every home game, the ‘Cats will now enter the field at Cats Stadium from out of the gigantic apparatus painted in team colors, lending more pomp and circumstance to the Friday night lights pageant.

The boosters have been selling T-shirts to raise money for their various plans, have also gotten some donations, plus heavy traffic in sales of 4x8 banners to be displayed at Cats this season. Also there is the annual team poster for sale, and Escobar estimates that the frenetic push has produced around $15,000 to be spent on building support for the Edinburg squad.

“We are also looking to give scholarships to the guys on the team after the season is over,” she added. “Plus, we’re in the process of getting a bunch of towels, modeled after the Terrible Towels the Pittsburgh Steeler fans have. All of this is designed to show the kids that we are behind them all the way. We want to get red and blue back into the stands, like it used to be in the old days.”

The club received rave reviews for its work recently at Meet the Bobcats, when the stands were full and administrators fielded a torrent of text messages lauding the energized effort. In the near future, Escobar and Co. will implement an essay contest in feeder-school elementaries.

“It is supposed to go along with their practice for the TAKS test,” she explained. “The panel of judges will pick the top 60 kids, who are writing about leadership, stepping up in the community, etc., and those kids will get to pair up with a Bobcat player. There will be mentoring going on, and the kids will get to attend a game and go down on the field with their players. We think it will be a great thing for everyone.”

So, the Bobcats can hit the field in 2009 sure in the knowledge that as they prepare for battle, the parents are 100 percent behind them. The boosters are even working on a Facebook page in order to get pictures of the players into cyberspace.

Right now, Escobar is moving at a pell-mell pace, and she says that the quick friendship she’s made with president Anna Faires has just made the process more fun.

“She had a daughter who played soccer for the Bobcats, Meagan, and she has a freshmen, Zack, coming up,” said the high-spirited VP. “I have got Isaac and then my niece, Vero Villanueva, played soccer with Meagan. I have only really known Anna for four months, but we are loving the work together. My son is amazed at the amount of work we are doing; he says that Anna and I are a lot alike. In fact, he says, ‘Mom, she’s like you in White form!’ That is really funny, right?”